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Wranglin' Mama Blog

  • Layne Lewis

    Give yourself grace! So much grace!! Sprinkle that $h!t on everything! You can’t pour from an empty cup!
  • O'Neal Leathers Cooper

    "My favorite garments to make are costume/stage wear. I really get to flex on those projects."
  • Breanna Alsouissi

    Hey hey hey!!! It's another blog feature Friday!! Are you ready for some advice on what you and your significant other can do? Want some more infor...
  • Meagan Smith

    "If you have the nagging feeling that you are meant for more…please listen to yourself! You are! Follow it endlessly…even if it’s just a hobby at first. When the time is right (God’s time), it will turn into something
    more. God gives us all a gift. I believe its to be used and is the key to our happiness. Also, fail. Fail a lot! When you fail, you learn. When you learn you grow."

  • Kam Elliot - Farmer Dolls

    "Throughout everything in life, Do you Doll. If you want to rope Cattle with big earrings on, Do you Doll. If you want to be a face for your industry, Do you Doll. There is always a choice & always choose to Do you, there are way to many of those other people."
  • Gloria Goldman

    Gloria is the owner of G Bar G Home and Ranch! She's passionate about her business and her horses! Here's what she has to say.