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Wranglin' Mama Blog

  • Jenna Paulette

    "If God placed a dream in your heart and it wont let go, don't give up."
  • Jennifer and Stran Smith, STS Ranch

    "If you have a dream, do your homework, put in the work, and be actionable in your Faith that God has for you. He put that dream in your heart from a reason."


  • Jess Norman

    If you’ll pay attention you’ll see how quickly tugawar’s can ensue in EACH of your relationships. We’ve seen incredible things happen when one person maturely drops their end leaving nothing for the other person to pull on. Anger and tension seemingly dissipate in an instant, and actual relationship can then occur. Drop the rope is synonymous with the principals “do you want to be right or do you want to be happy”, and “there is freedom in surrender”. Dropping the rope is a practice, one that has taken us years to form a habit."
  • Marisa LaRen

    "Spend time being alone. Truly alone. It gives you introspection about who you are and where you want to go. Self reflection allows us to grow as humans, and/or as artists. I always implore people to be uncomfortable being lonely for a while so that you can find yourself outside of others."
  • Jenna Morr

    "This industry isn’t something I was born into. I haven’t been raised a cowgirl or in the western world. In fact, I’ve only been in the industry for less than five years. People have TONS of years of experience on me at the same age."
  • Misty Farnsworth

    "Be yourself and enjoy whatever it is that you do, always be kind but never take any shit and finally brush off the small's not worth the wrinkles! XOXO"
  • Jane Revercomb

    "As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and one for helping others."-Audrey Hepburn

  • Brooke McDaniel

    "What it all boils down to is having a set schedule so that you’re productive as well as making time to be with your family."
  • Ashley Hunwardsen

    Don’t wait for shit to happen, just go make it happen. If you really want to, you will. 
  • Kaci Riggs-Myers

    It’s about the entire journey throughout the year and how you show up.  You have to be understanding and meet adversity with kindness – not resistance. 
  • Layne Lewis

    Give yourself grace! So much grace!! Sprinkle that $h!t on everything! You can’t pour from an empty cup!
  • O'Neal Leathers Cooper

    "My favorite garments to make are costume/stage wear. I really get to flex on those projects."